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The World Tour Begins 2.6.2011

Right that’s it, I’m off. I’m not renewing my season ticket and I’m leaving Newcastle altogether. Not my usual idle threat at this time of year brought on by the shit weather that this country calls a summer, or this year in particular by the shabby way our club is treating darling Joey Barton. The car is sold and our belongings are packed into boxes, flogged at knock down prices, given away or spread into our neighbours’ wheelie bins (in the dead of night) throughout a half mile radius. Continue reading

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Newcastle United Season 2010/11 Perspective 23.5.2011

Tweet Newcastle United 3 v West Brom 3 Perhaps time will throw some perspective at this game. Perhaps there will come a point where we can look at the final table for the 2010/11 season without thinking it tarnished and … Continue reading

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