Newcastle and London: Saturday 4th of June 2011

Train to London. Newcastle was grey and our house was clean for our tenants a full 3 minutes before our mates Paul and Dee turned up to take us to the central station.
London was scorching. Hooked up with our mate Jon who plied us with tapas and Spanish lager. Ha – I had the last laugh cos he got pissed and agreed to be my literary agent – he is so enthusiastic about f***ing everything that he will make me sound like a cross between Charles Dickens and Bill Hicks when harrassing the poor fools at the quality press’ travel supplements.
Soho for beer in The Glasshouse Stores with Spurs mate Tim and his patient partner Karen. Cathi Unsworth (a genius crime writer and long time mate and constant source of inspiration) and her fella Mikey and my darling nephew.
As ever in good company, got excited and drunk. I’m sure it was brilliant and I was hilarious.

Ms Unsworth & Darling Nephew

Right song at the right moment: Frank Turner ” Fastest Way Back Home”
Wrong Song at the wrong moment Brenda Lee “I’m Sorry” on my ipod shuffle on the train “No I’m bloody not”

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