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St James' Park, Newcastle UnitedBilly Furious has been spouting off in Newcastle United fanzine “The Mag” since 199-something. About two years later it got better, almost readable. Some people liked it.
Irreverent, sweary, often drunk and lacking in a basic understanding of any punctuation that wasn’t a exclamation mark Furious attacked everything from organised religion to the music played as the teams come out at St James’ Park. Armed with nothing but a punk-rock-pirate attitude and with little regard for a “career” in the media anything and anyone was fair game. A strict personal edict not to critisise current Newcastle United players was revoked in 1999 because of Temuri Ketsbaia.
The first Billy Furious book “A Mag For All Seasons” was released in 2002: Ten years after Newcastle United’s promotion to The Premiership, Furious revisited the 1992 season and charted what had changed in football.  There was a lot of swearing and it was really f***ing funny.
The follow up, 2007’s “And They Wonder Why We Drink” deals with Newcastle United from 2003 to May 2007, taking in the author’s 40th birthday whilst spitting abuse and scorn at a range of targets.

The asterisks in the text are annoying but many people read the old site at work and proper swearing lead to the site being blocked.
Experience suggests that this site will not be updated very often – as ever for up to the minute stuff about Newcastle United – go see Biffa at nufc.com

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